Mitesh Dixit, of DOMAIN Office to deliver his lecture ‘On Process’.  Dixit’s lecture will explore the relationship between theory and practice, the question of what theory is and does, and what constitutes a definition. DOMAIN deliberately works without a manifesto or agenda, but insists on a method that explores the very nature of a question.  Through projects the studio aims to discover ‘new’ questions, as opposed to recycling existing solutions. A method of investigation that transcends scale.  Employing a method of ‘unpacking' - exposing the multiple layers, the hard & soft, the physical & critical in order to identify new hierarchies or hidden actor. This process demands an intense investigation into the local, an abject surrender to the existing, and the rejection of any singular ‘vision’. Through an analysis of three projects, each with varying architectural typology, density, and location, Dixit will illustrate  DOMAIN’s desire to find a ‘new’ definition for practice.

Prof. Mitesh Dixit
2017 Studio 620, St. Petersburg, US 2016 Filozofski Fakultet, Skopje Univerzitet, Skopje, MK 2016 Universidad de Monterrey, Monterrey, MX 2016 GSAPP - Columbia University, New York City, US 2015 Hangyang University, Seoul, S. Korea 2015 Tecnológico de Monterrey, Monterrey, MX 2014 University of Venice, Venice, IT 2013 Virginia Tech University - The Chicago Studio, Chicago, US 2013 University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, US 2012 Politechnika Slaska Technical Institute, Warsaw, PL