Contextual positioning, whether situational or ideological, has always defined the relevance of architecture.  Utilizing types of critique, analysis derived from Hermeneutics, traditional architectural techniques, and most critically the collapsing of multiple disciplines into a unified architectural method, Dixit’s lecture will attempt to develop a cohesive understanding of the built environment by broadening the concept of context.  Through a series of projects which operate at multiple scales and mediums, will illustrate how design, geography, political science and philosophy are integrated in order to identify and expose physical, economic, and sociopolitical situations.  

Prof. Mitesh Dixit
2021 EASA Montenegro, Faculty of Architecture, Podgorica, ME 2021 GSAAP Columbia University, New York City, New York, US 2021 IIIT School of Architecture, Chicago, Illinois, US 2020 FLUID O8 / Faculty of Fine Arts, Budva, ME 2020 Iowa State University College of Design, Ames, Iowa, US