Napa Valley, USA

Located in a rural setting, a pavilion in the woods, the building is both introverted and extroverted: each space has a relationship either to the internal platform or to the surrounding greenery and agriculture, while certain moments provide views of the NapaValley Vineyards. With a pitched roof and a consistent floor level the new home shows a respect for the existing structure. The building is designed as a sequence of connected pavilions - an arrangement that eliminates the need for corridors and hallways. The plan has been organized for the spaces to feel casual, almost carefree, allowing one to feel at ease and at home. At the same time the design also provides spaces for larger and more public events - either in the platform, or the pool and spa pavilion at the North edge of the site

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George Distefano Mitesh Dixit Ezekiel J. Fairbanks Davi F. Weber James Westcott
Format - Structure
Riordan Ranch
Commission 2017, on-going
2 Acres