Seoul, South Korea

The existing use of the site consists primarily of infrastructure, agricultural plots, and natural terrain. At the very center of our site is a large development that we cannot move. The existing landscape, development and its related functions define the quality of our site. What if, rather then attempting to suppress or insulate these uses from our development, they are considered as latencies capable of forming the identity of a new site, with multiple centers? Can the introduction of new urban conditions benefit from and reinforce the existing conditions of the site? Our project eliminates the need for one to choose between city or nature, modernization or preservation. We reject a binary approach to living and embrace paradox as the essential quality of the 21st Century City.

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Alice Columbo Mitesh Dixit Hrvoje Šmidihen Roland Reemaa Davi F. Weber
Format - Structures
Dubai Holding
Invited Competition 2015
10.3 million m2